Sweet Potato Hummus & Knit Hats

On Monday, when I got home from work, instead of making this crumble, I made this sweet potato hummus. Let me tell you, it was delicious. I immediately put some in a tupper ware to bring to a friend at work, and some more in another tupper ware to bring to Jon’s mom. I don’t think I ever want to try another hummus ever again, because this one is just perfection. My only suggestion is to over-estimate the amount of sweet potato you need. It’s better with more. Also since you roast the sweet potatoes anyway, roast the garlic too.

In other news, here are two of the hats I’ve knitted thus far.

The grey is the second one I’ve done, and the green is the third. The grey is way too big and the green is just slightly too short. I’m really excited about learning to knit and discovering knitting in the round. It was intimidating at first, but it’s so, so, simple and I love it. I have been making up the patterns as I go, which is why the sizing hasn’t been perfect. I’m definitely okay with learning via trial and error; experience is the best teacher.  If anybody knits, and wants to know my patterns for these hats, let me know and I’ll write-up a post. Anyway, I’m off to try a head wrap, ear warmer thing next…oh and help cook for tomorrow.

<3 Frankie

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6 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Hummus & Knit Hats

    • I want to learn to make knit flowers! I’ve tried to crochet them a few times but it doesn’t work out well. Hat’s are super easy. I’m sure if you can knit flowers you can make hats. :) Thanks.

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