Spring Garden Fever

Everywhere I look, I see spring. It’s in the awakening tree branches, it’s in the hyacinths peeking up from the warming ground, and it’s in the giant buds on the azalea bush out front. Spring fashion is popping up on blogs and in stores. Easter decorations are everywhere; pastel colored bunnies taunt me in my sleep. However, it’s still early.

The atypical lamb-like warm weather of this March’s start has me itching to get into the garden to do a lot of planting, but there’s only so much a person can do before the risk of frost has passed. (There’s always a chance March will go out like a lion!) There are certain seeds that can be planted as soon as the soil is workable in Spring; carrots, radishes, beets as well as many lettuce types.  I checked yesterday; the soil is most definitely workable, and in desperate need of some working.

The compost looks lovely, and is ready to be worked into the soil to replenish its nutrient supply. But none of that can happen until I’ve removed the field of wild flower weeds that have been flourishing during the recent weather, in my previously empty gardens.  I hope to accomplish many of these things this week.

My garden to do list for this week, includes destroying the weed invasion, readying all the soil by turning it and adding in some compost,  planting what’s plantable, readying the materials to start the tomatoes and eggplants from seed in the house, and hopefully putting the fence back up.  (Those nasty bunnies really enjoy radish, carrots, beets and lettuce, you know.)

There’s a lot I need to do to continue to break in my new rain/garden boots. I’m really happy it looks like the weather here will continue to co-operate. One of my favorite things about gardening is all the planning, dreaming, and hoping that it entails. I’m still a relatively new gardener, although I’ve been helping do it since I was a girl, so the multiple resources and advice found online is very helpful. I thought I’d share some of my favorite online inspiration, tools, and tutorials.

This year I decided to stop growing peppers because they never produce enough to make an impact, but after seeing this advice (found via pinterest), I might have to rethink that.

I might do a variation this diy sprinkler, where it will only squirt water out the sides, that way my plants only get watered at their bottoms, not on their upper foliage where it’s unneccessary.

I think this is probably genius, but unless compostable organic diapers are available for cheap, I doubt I’d do it for any of my plants, especially vegetables.

Have you considered using toilet paper rolls to start seeds? It probably works best for smaller seedlings.

It seems possible that I could make this awesome veggie basket, but knowing myself, I would probably be injured in the process, unless I have help. (Wink, wink, Dad).

A growing vegetables chart is perfect for the beginner gardener, but this website has more in-depth descriptions of more veggies.

I want to make my own vegetable markers; these, these, these, and these are all awesome, but maybe I’ll do my own thing.

This year, I ordered all my seeds from Seed Savers Exchange. They are quick and awesome, and have a vast selection but for next season, I hope to save the seeds from this year.

Have you caught the Spring Garden fever yet?

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108 thoughts on “Spring Garden Fever

  1. You make me want to run right home and get to the seedlings. I loved your links. I actually tried a variation of the epsom salts last year. Yes, it works, though I don’t think I did a good enough job on mine. I lost most of everything last year to a hail storm, so I am trying to figure how I protect for that this year. Good luck with the garden. One thing that loves to be snowed on is grass seed. I am hoping that we have one last snow fall so that the seed I need to get in on a dead spot gets that nitrogen boost from the snow. Again…Good Luck, keep putting out the pictures, love to see them, and we will all be waiting to see how your garden grows.

    • Good to know the epsom salt works. I may actually grow some peppers this year now that I know that. I have no idea how I would go about protecting from a hail storm, but I would cry if my whole garden was ruined by one. I hope you have a better gardening experience this year. And don’t worry I’ll definitely keep everyone updated as it (fingers-crossed) grows…

  2. I’ve heard that sweet peppers get a lot of slugs – I’ve had good luck with hot peppers though! I haven’t done ANY work on my garden yet this year, you’re motivating me to get started!

    • I’ve never had problems with slugs, but my sweet peppers just never produce much. My jalapenos were ridiculously prolific last year. I still have more in my freezer than we’ll ever eat. I hope you do return to your garden again. I loved those posts you did about it and Cali is a wonderful place to have a garden. :)

    • Oh I hope you do! I’m sure you’ll really enjoy it, since you enjoy cooking so much. It’s so fun to cook things you’ve grown. If you can’t do a full fledged veggie garden, at least plant some herbs in pots. You’ll love having those herbs to flavor your food!

  3. I live in high desert, so “spring garden fever” looks like this: trolling other people’s blogs who write about spring garden fever hoping that one day I can acquire it myself…and do something about it!

    Thanks for feeding my fever today — if only virtually. Maybe I’ll go to my local garden shop and buy a cactus today…

    • Buy a succulant. I think they’re awesome and I want to put them all over my house. I’m also pretty sure they will do well in a desert/ house/ outside.

    • Thanks and here’s a secret for you- tomatoes are the easiest thing to grow. (And my favorite- I have nine different types of seeds waiting to go in.) I hope it all goes smoothly for you. Happy Gardening.

  4. Don’t know that I’ve caught the “spring garden fever,” but my partner surely has. She’s outside planting bulbs as I type this. Happy gardening to you, and congrats on Freshly Pressed.

  5. I have caught the fever. I will be planting a few things this year: parsley, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and carrots. It’s my first garden ever; I’ve done tomatoes before, but I guess I don’t consider container planting a couple tomato plants as a “garden”. I’m excited. I hope I don’t kill it all. Thanks for all the awesome links! I really want to make that sprinkler. Congrats on being FP.

    • Thanks! It sounds like you have a good little garden planned. I’ve always found peppers to be the most difficult thing to grow but hopefully you have some good luck with it all!

      • ha, yeah, we’ll see! your latest post is really inspiring to me too. It’s just hard to find the time to “get it all done”… maybe I’ll take the baby out in the garden after work today and see what happens. It might be a little difficult to do much… but maybe at least clearing some weeds and rocks could be in order!

  6. Great photos!

    Definitely have garden fever! We tore up our garden border to put in runner beans to grow up our fence, planted our salad greens and a pumpkin patch. The really crazy part is waiting for stuff to sprout! =)

    • Oh that’s the best kind of anxiety for me… checking every day to see if they’ve appeared! Today the soil was readied and tomorrow the seeds go in. Hopefully I’ll have some sprouts to show in a week or two!

  7. For us here the truly beautiful time is late winter. Since I live in a desert-ish-y kind of area, that’s when the flowers are blooming. Spring is ok and then summer is extremely hot and dry.
    Your photos are beautiful and so are the flowers… You just inspired me to post some of my own photos on my personal blog :) that’s soulofnerd.wordpress.com :D

  8. Thanks for writing, Frank, and for the beautiful photos. I saw on your profile that you’re on the East Coast – it’s been unseasonably warm and wonderful in the Rockies out West as well. Spring fever is catching!

  9. I just planted some wheat grass seed indoors since it will be shooting up in time for Easter. It is really warm here. I hope to get outside and deadhead if I can tear…..myself…..away….from…my………computer!
    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  10. Really helpful post with some luscious photos. I just had a tractor in to do some ploughing for me (lucky, lazy me!!) this very evening, so am super-excited about spring planting.

  11. I like all the markers concepts; and Seed Saver’s Exchange. But up here in Maine, spring seems a long, long way away. We’re not even into mud season!

    • I think waiting for Spring always feels like a long, long, time. I love Maine! I’ve been to the coast and Portland, but Acadia National Park is my favorite!

  12. Lovely and inspiring post! I’m am not much of a gardener, but it’s posts like these that really make me want to try!

  13. Thanks for sharing this. This morning it snowed where I live (West coast of Washington State). Spring can never come too early for me. I love spring and summer only. The other two seasons are so depressing weather wise. Great photos. Keep it up. Connie


  14. I like your photos! ..and I like spring, too!!
    Me and my friend John just sowed some Banana seeds (and we have two little seedlings now! Already!), and we’ll sow some other seeds soon!! It’s fantastic watching life coming out from a little seed!

  15. Spring garden? I just pulled up the last of my lettuce and carrots, the endive and peas are about done, and I already have beans, tomato, and cucumber started! Nice work on yours – hope you have a good harvest this year.

  16. I love what you had to say about spring I feel the same way! Having really very little experience growing plants from seeds except last years pumpkins which I loved, I set out to find out more and ended up in a neighborhood greenhouse and the kind man gave me tons of information because it is so early in spring and they are not quite so busy yet. Can’t wait to try it out!

    • Older gardening friends are the best because they are full of knowledge. Local gardening friends are great too because they can tell you about what works well for your area. Glad you found someone who fit the bills so nicely!

  17. For the first time in several years, we also explored growing a vegetable garden this last Summer. It was so much fun, I can’t wait to get it going again. Though, it only being mid-March, living in New Mexico, we can’t plant much outside for another few weeks. Loved the idea about the toilet paper roll seedling starters, something we’re also going to try. Beautiful photos.

      • No, not yet. I think everyone always confuses us, here in New Mexico, with Southern California or Phoenix. Actually we live at high elevation in the mountains, nearly 6,800ft, so it still drops very cold here at night.

  18. Wow, Frankie–I don’t know where to begin! What great writing! What a lot of appreciation for gardening for someone so young! What a lot of sensibility to nature and good sense. You may be living at your parents’ place now, but I have a feeling you are going to go places.

    I am also tempted by the warm spring (up here near Toronto it is just unheard of to have this weather so early), but am nowhere near as restrained as you. My excesses are documented here:


    and in my other blog posts. Gardening will make you happy forever! Best wishes.

  19. Yesterday evening I started sawing all seeds I got from the German version of the Savers Exchange. – This year, I made my pots from old newspapers. Works well and looks besides that very lovely, I think. All you need is a very straight wooden stick, flat at the bottom, the diameter you want your pots to have. I used a small piece of cut-off broom-stick. Roll a piece of torn-off paper around the wood, fold at the bottom over, press briefly, pushing the flat side of wood down, to make it hold.

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  21. Fever. I’m with ya! Currently living and planting in Okinawa, Japan and it’s tough because we have 2 seasons. Rainy and Rainier. The sun has been out, it’s finally dry and beautiful and then the nights get oh so chilly. Last year was my first year and I planted too late. This year I’m trying so hard to not get ahead of myself and plant too early!

    Been fighting the fever for 2 weeks now. First step: conquer all these weeds!

    Gonna follow & I’ll check back and may link to your blog at some point in the next few months. I like to track my own garden progress online as a learning tool for myself. You put some good ‘n helpful links in this post so I’d like to share it with my readers. (I’m sure you won’t mind:)

    • Oh conquering the weeds is the worst part! I’ve never been to Japan, but my boyfriend has and he LOVED it there. I also track my garden progress as a learning tool too!

  22. Most definitely – it’s a little early here too, but my cherry trees are blooming (about 3 weeks ahead of schedule) so I’m going for it. It’s risky, but if the weather stays on this trajectory and I don’t start for fear of snow, I’ll be really annoyed with myself. Enjoy!

  23. Oooh, what a marvelous post! I loved clicking on all the links and beefing up my own pinterest page :D Spring truly has sprung – yesterday I saw about ten zillion worms and potato bugs and snails Everywhere. It was marvelous.

  24. yupp, caught the bug. i have been doing a lot of weeding and comost spreading as well. the broadbeans are 4′ long already (i cheated and started them in milkcartons on the windowsill in february), they like the cool wheather. i palnted some garlic and next weekend will plant the first peas and some letuce. thanks for the useful links. happy gardening

  25. I LOVE springtime! I live in San Diego and the city’s really beginning to blossom. Everywhere I look is full of color. Life radiates during this time of year, and I’m loving every minute of it. Thank you for sharing.

    Would love to pluck some fresh fruits and veggies from the garden, with a girl of course lol

  26. I have been having garden envy! I wish that I could grow my own produce! It would save me SO much money, but I am in a apartment, and wouldn’t know where to even begin! Do you have any suggestions for growing produce in a window box or anything similar?

    • Do you have a balcony? You can grow a plethora of things on a balcony, including certain types of tomatos, beans, and herbs. Container gardening is a whole unique enterprise, but there are tons of resources online. I don’t have any off the top of my head but I do know they’re out there. I”ll let you know when I come across some.

      • Yes I do have a balcony! I will look it up, but it is much appreciated that you would take time out to share some great ideas!
        Thank you for your response!

      • Of course! Since you have a balcony you have a bunch of options. This is a great resource, with advice about what you can grow and how to grow it. I would definitely go some lettuces because they do relatively well in only partial sun, but you can even try tomatoes or beans. If you’re not into purchasing containers, ask friends to save you the big kitty litter containers and other large thick plastic containers, :)

  27. I’ve got fever! My husband brought home a green house that pops up like a tent. I’ve already filled it with my seedlings from the kitchen (tomato, beans, peas, radish, rocket, lettuces) and directly planted melon seeds. Every spec of dirt has a purpose and my goal is to feed our family off what we can grow in the back yard. Every year expanding the plots, trying new plants. Chives are growing like weeds right now, and they are juicy from the spring rains.

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  30. Do you know that you’re one of the most likeable people among bloggers? I’ve got the same inexperienced feeling about myself when it comes to gardening. My grandparents used to have a garden when I was just a small know-it-all girl. I helped them a lot. The older I get the more inexperienced I feel. There’s always something new to learn, especially about nature and cultivation of plants. I’m done with my preparations for spring garden, of course, but I managed to plant too few plants (carrots, lettuce, potatoes) until now. It’s like every year I’ve got less and less time for my garden. I want to thank you because you infected me with your zeal. And the markers you are referring to look marvellous. I might create the ones painted on stones. :)

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