A Big Brother’s Birthday Cake

Tomorrow is my brother’s birthday. Last weekend we celebrated. I asked him what kind of cake he would like, and he said, “Reese’s or Butterfinger. if you can pull it off.” And just like that, I was on the receiving end of a baking challenge. I decided to go for it and make him a Reese’s inspired cake. It was a success! 

I used the my go-to chocolate cake recipe, Number 11 from Ming Makes Cupcakes, but used two nine-inch cake pans to bake it, and adjusted my cooking time accordingly. If I do it again, I’d probably lower the cooking temperature to 325 also, because the cake was the slightest bit dry. For the frosting,I used a basic chocolate ganache recipe, trading in half and half for the cream and omitting the rum. Then I made my own peanut butter filling. I eyed my measurements, but it was about a cup of smooth peanut butter, a cup of powdered sugar, a tablespoon of vanilla, and a third of a cup of agave nectar. I added in a bit of milk at a time until it was spreadable.

To make the “E” for Erik, on the top, I used Reese’s pieces. Originally the design included some brown ones, but they looked bad so I had to swap them out. Other than the ganache not being as smooth as I intended, the cake looked pretty good, and most importantly, it tasted delicious.

Since discovering the joy of baking, making birthday cakes has quickly become one of my favorite enterprises. I’m sure I’ll make this one again, but perhaps next time, I’ll use chunky peanut butter instead of smooth.

What’s your favorite birthday cake to make or eat?

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4 thoughts on “A Big Brother’s Birthday Cake

  1. That looks fabulous! You definitely rose to the challenge. I would have been charged guilty for picking the Reese’s Pieces off the top and eating them ;)

    • Thanks! That is exactly what happened to brown ones. But I will admit, they were a little much after I had already licked the mixing bowls of the batter, the ganache, and the peanut butter filling…

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