A Special Letter to My Brother on His Birthday

Dear Big Brother,

Today is your birthday. Your secret worry about aging is apparent in your constantly mentioning how close you are to 30, but I know you have nothing to worry about. After all you’re a lot like cheese, a little smelly, but better as you age.

I’ve always admired you. Since the first 15 months of my life, when I sat on my baby bum not needing to learn to walk, content just watching you run and play and joke and laugh, you’ve always been able to entertain me; you’ve always had a knack for entertaining our entire family. No one could make Grandma laugh like you could. It was infectious, when you were your goofy self, doing any and everything in attempt to make her laugh, everyone would look up and watch, and you’d make laughter catch and spread like wild fire.

But you are so much more than the provider of family entertainment. You have a deep thoughtful side made all the more awesome because of the rarity in which you present it. You have this unique ability to advise without pompous judgement, to subtly point me or others in the direction we weren’t aware we wanted to go. The way you care for each of your family members, with your unique, steady, peaceful, but powerful love. Your method of caring, is perhaps the thing I love most about you.

And yet it’s hard to choose¬†just one character trait as my favorite when there are so many things to love about you. Your smile, your consistent quest for knowledge (not just for facts but for how your loved ones feel), your fierce love for all animals but especially dogs, your intelligent thoughtfulness, your not-quite-but-almost narcissism, your self-control, your desire to be as healthy as possible so you can continue to live your life with your arms wide open- the way you always have.

It’s your birthday today. So I’ve seized the opportunity to tell you and my small corner of the internet, about how lucky I am not to have big brother like you, but to have you specifically as my big brother and dear friend. There is no one else in the world like you, Erik. You are wonderfully special and I love you immensely. Happy Birthday.



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11 thoughts on “A Special Letter to My Brother on His Birthday

  1. How special to give this wonderful gift to your brother. Too many of us forget or just fail to tell the people we love just how special they are. Thanks for this post.

    • You’re welcome. Birthdays are always my time to remind people how awesome I think they are. I think it’s one of the nicest gifts we can give each other: appreciation.

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